I myself had the honor and pleasure of working with Henry W Abts, a remarkable and caring man whom I and the world are spiritually poorer for having lost in 2010. His efforts to help persons and their families at times of human loss were monumental. Mr. Abts is the author of three nationally best-selling books on Living Trusts and how to settle them.

A nationally recognized authority on Living Trusts, Henry W. Abts III is the founder of The Estate Planning Source, the nation’s oldest and largest Living Trust documents production resource. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Mr. Abts holds a master’s degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Henry Abts passed away in 2010. The below In Memoriam was written by Jeffrey Marsocci Esq. and posted online. Jeff is an estate-planning attorney, affiliated with The Estate Planning Source, the legal research and legal documents provider used by affiliated attorneys and financial advisors nationwide.

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